Please contact Lori at to inquire about seminar scheduling.  

Lori's 2014 Seminars:

March 1-2: Criterion Agility, CT
March 7-9: Ogden, UT
March 19-20: Granite Bay, CA
March 21: San Francisco, CA
March 22-23: Petaluma, CA
March 19-20: Portland, OR
June 7-9: Ogden, UT
July 14-17: C Spot Win Camp, Cheyenne, WY
July 26-27: Toledo, OH
August 4-6: Clear Mind Camp, OR
August 24-25 Albany, NY

Private Lessons

Private lessons are an ideal way to get the one-on-one personal training attention which you may be seeking. Lori is available for private lessons  in Kansas City and sometimes in Manhattan.   Many groups and individuals have chosen to book Lori for a weekend of instructing lessons at their location.  Anybody hosting a weekend of private lessons at their facility will receive at least one complimentary hour of instruction!



Lori will occasionally schedule workshops focusing on specific training aspects either in Manhattan or other training facilities. Be sure to check out the calendar to see when these may be available!

Seminars and Camps

2 day seminars or 3-4 day camps instructed by Lori are very popular throughout the country. If you are interested in booking Lori for a seminar, please contact her for more information and scheduling availability.