Membership Information

Definition: An informal association of agility competitors who have trained with Lori Michaels. This is not a club and members are not required to be affiliated solely with All Star Agility. It is simply another avenue in which to enjoy our sport and strengthen the support and camaraderie amongst competitors.

Purpose: To promote excellence in the sport of agility competition through setting and achieving personal performance goals, while demonstrating good sportsmanship and employing positive training methods as ambassadors of the All Star Agility league.

Membership requirements:

* Have participated in at least one class session or seminar or at least 2 private lessons or workshops instructed by Lori Michaels within the last 5 years.

* Must exhibit good sportsmanship at all times.

* Practice reward-based, non-abusive training methods.

* Project and maintain positive, upbeat attitudes.

* Be willing to assist other clubs, when needed, at agility events.


* 1 League shirt with membership and use of logo for other personal items.

* League play dates at the ASA location.

* First availability for ASA classes, lessons and seminars with Lori.

* 10% discount on private lessons with Lori during first year of membership.

* Record-keeping and goal setting forms.

* On-line group access with training articles and news items.

*Membership Fees:

$40 for the first year of individual membership. $70 for couples or families. $20 yearly renewal. Those wishing to get a polo shirt instead of a t-shirt add $10